3D origami peacock (the king of birds) tutorial (instruction)

Video description

Shows a detailed stepwise assembly peacock (the king of birds) 3D origami. This peacock made own hand will be a great gift or decoration of the interior.

We need:

217 blue, 45 white, 15 orange, 1 blue, 128 purple, 252 green triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

Making a feather: 3 purple piece

2 and 2 blue

In the middle of an orange piece makes a bend triangle

And make "Eye"

glue its colorless glue

Of 9 green pieces make "arch"

and joins all together

needs to be done 7 of feathers

Making long feather: 11 purple pieces.

2 and 2 blue

and glue orange "Eye"

Of the 11 green make "arch"

and joins all together

needs to be done 8 such long feathers

Make three primary series of 15 pieces each. How do these series are (more) refer to the link here.


Making 8 rows 15 blue pieces each

Making paws: 2 green each piece

The third blue bottom row insert 10 green pieces

Making the workpiece 1 green and 2 green

9 Making of workpieces

And attach them

attach 17 purple short side pieces of to the bottom figure

Making another row of 11 green pieces

Making still 10 workpieces on 3 pieces of green

attach 19 green pieces

Making the neck:

1st row: 3 pieces

2nd row: 4 pieces

3rd row: 3 pieces

4th row 4 pieces

5th row: 3 pieces

6th row: 2 pieces

7th row: 3 pieces

8th row: 2 pieces

9th row: 3 pieces

10th row: 2 pieces

11th row: 1 piece

7 blue and 1 blue

finish neck

and joins ordinary feathers

then long

do crest 2 of purple

draw the eye and crown

And glue

3D origami peacock ready!

Now you know how to make such a peacock in the art 3D origami (modular origami). If you want to start counting the video master class for the assembly of this king of birds.

Also you can see others 3D origami tutorials.